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What is GIS Day?

GIS Day is a global event during which GIS (Geographic Information Systems) users work to expand the understanding of how GIS technology and geography make a difference in our lifes. GIS, a computer-based tool used to map and analyze features and events, combines the power of a database with the visualization capabilities offered by maps. Hundreds of thousands of people in the world use GIS to solve problems in areas such as environmental protection, pollution, health care, land use, asset deployment and routing, natural resources, conservation, business efficiency, education and social inequities.


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Video obtained from www.gisday.com

The River Valley GIS Users Group hosts an annual GIS Day event, if you are interested in more information or would like to see pictures, etc. for the previous years click the appropriate link below:

GIS Day 2009

GIS Day 2010

GIS Day 2011

GIS Day 2012

GIS Day 2013

GIS Day 2014

GIS Day 2015




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