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River Valley GIS Users Group By-laws



  •  The name of this organization shall be called the River Valley GIS Users Group. It shall be a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas
  •  The organization may at its discretion; by a vote of the membership body, change its name.



The River Valley GIS Users Group is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to:

  • Advance a common goal by the various agencies of educational institutions, venders, consultants, private industry, state, federal, county, and local governments to acquire, apply, and share Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies to assure the highest quality of information and to reduce unnecessary duplication in the application of GIS technology.
  • Meet with each other to learn of GIS applications in the region, and assist other users, especially at new sites
  • Develop and help others develop a variety of educational programs and material on geographic information and technology issues
  • Promote public understanding of the River Valley GIS User Group and geographic information and technology issues through a variety of media
  • Share technical expertise, application information, data, tools, and address issues of GIS importance that affect users in the Arkansas River Valley.

A. Policy

  • To provide a unified voice on Geographic Data and Information Technology issues.
  • To actively promote GIS development
  • To provide information on Geographic Data and Technology issues to public and private decision makers.


B. Liaison and Networking

  • To promote interaction and cooperation among members, federal, state, regional, and local governments, professional associations, and public and private sector groups.
  • To provide information to local universities and secondary institutions on the benefits of using GIS.


C. Education and Public Relations

  • Support local schools through a mentoring program consisting of volunteers from the Users Group.
  • Education of the general public through tours, lectures, activities, and writings of the area.
  • Raise funds to support these activities



Membership will be open to all persons interested in all fields of GIS. Active membership will constitute initially attending two consecutive meetings and two meetings there after each year. An active member shall have the right to vote on matters pertaining to the user group. 


  • Regular meetings of the members shall be held quarterly each year, at a time and place designated by the chair.
  • Notice of time, place and agenda of meetings shall be given at least two weeks in advance.
  • The Chair shall act as the presiding officer of all meetings. In the case of the Chair’s absence, the Vice-Chair shall preside.
  • The Secretary shall cause to be posted or emailed to every active-member at their address as it appears in the membership roll book in this organization a notice telling the time and place of such quarterly meeting.
  • Regular meetings of this organization shall be held at an appropriate public location as designated by the Board. 
  • The members present at any properly announced meeting shall constitute a quorum.
  • The chair may call special meetings of this organization when they deem it for the best interest of the organization. Notices of such meeting shall be posted or emailed to all members at their addresses as they appear in the membership roll book at least seven (7) days before the scheduled date set for such special meeting. Such notice shall state the reasons that such meeting has been called, the business to be transacted at such meeting and by whom it was called. 
  • No other business but that specified in the notice may be transacted at such special meeting without the unanimous consent of all that are present at such meeting.




1. The Officers shall serve without pay and consist of 4 members.

2. The Officers of the River Valley GIS Users Group shall be an Executive Board which shall consist of a:

a. Chair

b. Vice Chair

c. Secretary

d. Treasurer

3. Elected officers will serve a term of two years. 

4. The Chair shall preside at all regular and special meetings. They shall be present at each quarterly meeting of the organization. They shall be one of the officers who may sign the checks or drafts of the organization.

5. The Vice Chair shall in the event of the absence or inability of the Chair to exercise their office become acting chair of the organization with all the rights, privileges and powers as if they had been the duly elected chair. They shall be one of the officers who may sign the checks or drafts of the organization.

6. The Secretary shall keep the minutes and records of the organization in appropriate books. They shall give and serve all notices to members of this organization. They shall be the official custodian of the records of this organization. They shall present to the membership at any meetings any communication addressed to them as Secretary of the organization. They shall submit to the Committee any communications, which shall be addressed to them as Secretary of the organization. They shall attend to all correspondence of the organization and shall exercise all duties incident to the role as Secretary.

7. The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all monies belonging to the organization and shall be solely responsible for such monies or securities of the organization. They shall cause to be deposited in a regular business bank or trust the funds of the organization, except those funds that the Committee may cause to be invested in such investments as shall be legal for a non-profit corporation in this state. They must be one of the officers who shall sign checks or drafts of the organization. They shall render at stated periods as the Chair shall determine a written account of the finances of the organization and such report shall be physically affixed to the minutes of the Chair of such meeting. They shall exercise all duties incident to the role of Treasurer. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year. Annual reports are required to be submitted to the Board showing income, expenditures and pending income. The financial records of the organization are public information and shall be made available to the membership, Board members and the public

8. Officers shall by virtue of their office be members of the Committee and all special committees.

9. Any officer may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary.


  • At all meetings, except for the election of officers and directors, all votes shall be by voice. 
  • For election of officers, ballots shall be provided and there shall not appear any place on such ballot that might tend to indicate the person who cast such ballot. 
  • Each member shall have one vote for any one item and such voting may not be done by proxy for election of officers.
  • Special meetings may be necessary from time to time for an issue to go to vote. Voting may take place during regular or specially called meetings. All attending active members may vote.



  • A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Officers attending in person.
  • All decisions will be by majority vote of those present at a meeting at which a quorum is present.
  • If less than a majority of the Officers is present at said meeting, a majority of the Officers present may adjourn the meeting on occasion without further notice.



1. Any member of the board who has a financial, personal, or official interest in, or conflict (or appearance of a conflict) with any matter pending before the Board, of such nature that it prevents or may prevent that member from acting on the matter in an impartial manner, will offer to the Board to voluntarily excuse him/herself and will vacate his seat and refrain from discussion and voting on said item.


  • The business of this organization shall be managed by a Committee consisting of at least 3 members, together with the officers of this organization. 
  • The committee to be chosen for the ensuing year shall be chosen at the quarterly meeting of this organization in the same manner and style as the officers of this organization and shall serve for a term of two (2) years.
  • Vacancies in the Committee shall be filled by a vote of the majority of the remaining members of the Users Group for the remainder of the term. 
  • A Committee Member may be removed when sufficient cause exists for such removal.
  • The Users Group may entertain charges against any committee member. 
  • A committee member may state and appeal for their selves. 
  • The Board may create special committees as needed, such as fundraising, educational, mentoring, etc.
  • All special committees of this organization shall be voted on by active members and the term of office shall be for a period of one year or less if sooner terminated by the Users Group.
  • Special Committees may be reinstated as needed by a majority vote of the Users Group.



The order of business at regular quarterly meetings shall be as follows:

  • Call to order
  • Adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting
  • New business
  • Presentations/Workshops
  • Reports of committees
  • Adjournment



In the event of the dissolution of the River Valley GIS Users Group, all funds shall be disbursed to a non­profit educational and/or scientific organization.


Amendments to this bylaw must be approved by majority of the voting quorum representatives present at a meeting. Announcement of intended amendments shall be made in the meeting notice at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. 

These Bylaws were approved at a regular meeting of the River Valley GIS Users Group on March 03, 2010.

All amendments were approved at a special meeting of the River Valley GIS Users Group on April ___, 2010.







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